About BARC

Group members have strong research profiles with excellent track records, publishing regularly in well regarded journals and giving conference presentations both in the UK and internationally. BARC provides a platform for researchers to work on discrete projects but also to collaborate on shared interests. The Centre includes academics from within the UK and international members, as well as legal professionals and experts on business accountability drawn from diverse backgrounds. Current international collaborative projects include a comparative study of the law on corporate manslaughter in the UK and in India. Particular areas of interest for a number of members include the potential accountability of SMEs in Wales in relation to liability for defective products and injuries and fatalities amongst the workforce. Liability for damage to the environment is also under discussion.

BARC members have strong links with both the business and legal community and this relationship is seen as central to the research capability of the Centre, both informing and stimulating research. The exchange of knowledge and ideas through a process of cross fertilisation is integral to BARCs ethos. As part of this ethos this website will showcase academic output and includes an interactive section with both a newsletter and blog aimed at promoting discussion between BARC and the wider business community. This is seen as an important tool allowing dissemination of the work of the Centre and inviting contributions from business and industry. It should also provide a forum, where appropriate, for the work of post-graduate students.

Further, BARC has been successful in seeking part of a funding block of some £20K from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) as part of a feasibility study and are currently engaged in seeking further funding to support research. The Centre will also promote the use of short courses on particular aspects of the law tailored to the needs of business professionals. This educative function is again seen as integral to BARCs wider role as a future key player in the knowledge community.