BARC Spring Briefing 2011

Alexandra Dobson, lead member of BARC considers the first prosecution for corporate manslaughter under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007(CMCH)

Safety and Health Practitioner - September 2010

Horizon scanning: The deepwater Horizon disaster in the United States continues to make headlines around the world. Paul Verrico and Kevin Elliott take a look at what would happen if their was a similar incident in the UK. 1193 KB

Safety and Health Practitioner - November 2011

Coining it: As the HSE settles down to review responses to the recent consultation on how it planes to recover costs for its interventions, Paul Verrico and Andrew Bennett explain.

Safety and Health Practitioner - February 2011

Blurring the guidelines: A year after the guidelines on the appropriate penalties for corporate manslaughter came into force Paul Verrico and Tim Hill consider their impact.

Safety and Health Practitioner - April 2012

Textbook manoeuvres: many health and safety managers are keen to keep the transport function of their organisation firmly in the 'Fleet’ department. But, as Paul Verrico and Phil Crosbie explain.

Health and Safety at Work - June 2010

Phoenix from the ashes: Businesses entering voluntary administration following serious offences can resume trading under almost identical names. Becky Allen asks if anything can be done to ensure they face fitting fines.

Health and Safety at Work - December 2010

Private correspondence: Kevin Elliot and Paul Verrico set out the rules for legally privileged documents after an accident.

Business Insider - May 2012

Taking Responsibility by Alexandra Dobson